Flakes Review

Colin’s Do’s and Don’ts for a Happy New Year:

1. Do not develop a crush on your archnemesis, contractor Ryder Richards.

2. Do finish remodeling the heinous mega-mansion with him well before the first snowflakes fall on New Year’s Eve.

3. Do not notice that he's still the hottest man in Licking Thicket.

4. Do not let that gorgeous man provoke you.

5. Do not let his provocation distract you.

6. Do not let your distraction leave you stranded at the house with him during a blizzard.

7. Dear heavens, do not let him crack open the moonshine and light a fire.

8. Do not play drunken truth or dare with him.

9. And for gravy’s sake, do not let yourself fall in love.

10. But if you do… Don't be surprised if this is the happiest year ever.

Edition Language:English

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    Flakes Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Flakes is book #0.5 in the Licking Thicket series by Lucy Lennox and May Archer. I’ll admit that I have already read the first two books in the Licking Thicket series and fell madly in love with the...

  • ? Todd

    Ehhh. Kind of insta-lovey and insta-sexy, so not a ton of feels, for me at least.My favorite part was actually the epilogue, which took place 5 years after Colin and Ryder had gotten togetherIt also h...

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~

    ~3.5~I've been curious about Colin and Ryder's story. In the other Licking Thicket books, they are the perfect happy couple, doting on their daughter, Sadie. This novella begins when Colin and Ryder h...

  • *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time

    Man. I really wanted to like this one. But those I Love You's literally came out of no where.Not enough build up and back story to make it even remotely believable. I totally would have read a full le...

  • haletostilinski

    3.5 stars rounded downOverall, a pretty cute and sweet prequel to this entertaining series. After the first two books in this series, I was interested to know how the sweet couple, Ryder and Colin, go...

  • Ele

    I don't know what happened here. Colin's voice was super annoying and all of a sudden they were in love ...

  • Rene

    DNF @ 50%. Colin is a lot to take....

  • Cadiva

    Utterly delightful, this prequel to the hilarious Licking Thicket series is set quite a few years before the events of book one.It gives the reader the romance between Colin and Ryder, who are married...

  • Ana  Nimity

    Since these characters are in forced isolation because of a snowstorm, we don't get the full Licking Thicket experience, but in this case, I think it's a good thing because those people are ramblers a...

  • Kim

    I love the Licking Thicket books so it was interesting to go back in time and see how interior designer, Colin Kearnes, and construction owner, Ryder Richards got together since they make such an unli...