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The Who Before The Who Review

DOUG Sandom's part in the making of the most exciting rock band in the world can never be underestimated. He joined The Who - then known as The Detours - as their drummer in 1962 after an unexpected meeting with Roger Daltrey on a west London street. It was a time when fires were being lit under the music scene worldwide, everything had to change and The Detours had a long way to go to become revolutionary leaders in their field. Having finally decided to write his memoirs, Doug Sandom chronicles each stage of the band's transition right up to his, Roger Daltrey's, Pete Townsend's and John Entwistle's emergence from their chrysalis as The Who. It is a punchy tale of gritty determination and ever-burning passion for music. As Pete Townshend writes in his moving Foreword 'Doug Sandom's work with our band gave me the confidence to drive the band as a writer and creative thinker . . . '

Title:The Who Before The Who
Edition Language:English

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  • Fox

    Right from the mouth of Doug Sandom, what more could you ask for?I was lucky enough to talk to Doug before the book was released, and I'm forever grateful for having had that opportunity. Doug is a br...

  • Lincoln

    I'm a sucker for books about The Who. I love The Who. But I would only recommend this book to die-hard, longstanding Who fans, because it's pretty bad, in some ways, but still, it was fascinating to m...

  • Drew Athans

    My full review is on my website: a nice, quick book describing Doug's brief but important time in the Who during their formative years of 1962-1964....