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Everyone wants to get close to a rock star.

The bright lights.
The music.
Those talented fingers strumming… a guitar.
Everyone wants to bang a rock star.

So why do I keep running from the one who wants me?

I’m America’s Sweetheart.
I have a reputation.
He’s a boy-band icon turned rock god.
I’m vanilla.
He’s every flavor of bad.
And he’s much, much too young for me.

If I end up in Nick Ryder’s bed, my career and I will both be screwed.

...but that’s only if I’m caught.

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  • Laurelin Paige

    Is it wrong to give my book 5 stars...since I wrote it? I think not! I absolutely love Nick Ryder and hope you all do too. He is coming on October 10th!...

  • J.D. Hawkins

    Ladies (and guys, such as myself) are going to love Nick Ryder! He kinda reminds me of myself. Sexy, charming, "swoon-worthy", humble, and famous!Spolier: I loved it!...

  • Kayti McGee

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  • Jo - *?*?.?Reading Is My Bliss?.?*?*

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  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)

    Ok, let me just start by saying this book quickly became one of my absolute favourites. Not only was it an incredible book but from the beginning all I could think about was how much this Nick Ryder r...

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*

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