Do Not Go Gentle

Do Not Go Gentle Review

Maddie and Allie had been best friends since Pull-ups and Pre-K. Raised on the same rural road and with their parents close friends, nothing had ever come between them. But the summer after graduation changes everything. When Allie’s dad starts spinning out of control with his PTSD, an altercation leaves her black and blue. Maddie never could have imagined that acting on a whispered accusation would lead not only to a friend’s broken trust, but to a fiery midnight blaze that took Allie and her mother out of this world at her father’s hands. Maddie is left with a gaping hole in her soul and the unimaginable guilt that she was somehow to blame.

Miles away at college, Will thought he could escape the impending chaos at home. At twenty-one, he never could have imagined the entire world he knew would go up in smoke, leaving him orphaned and without his little sister and confidante, Allie. With the life he once had in ashes, Will can’t see the way ahead, nor can he shake the crippling grief that threatens to consume him. No one makes him feel alive again or want to embrace the uncertain future except Maddie.

In Will, Maddie has someone to help her pick the pieces of her shattered life without Allie. He’s the only one who understands what she’s going through. Her old friends, her boyfriend of two years, none of them seem to comprehend what her dark world is like. The more and more time they spend together, the more they depend on each other. But everything they have is threatened when the lines between friendship and lovers start to blur.

Title:Do Not Go Gentle
Edition Language:English

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  • Kim Person

    Yes another great looking read from Katie :)...

  • Laura's Book Addiction

    Ohhh I excited that Katie is writing a New Adult novel and the premise sounds awesome!!!...

  • Katie Ashley


  • Nkamang Tsotetsi

    Simply and eloquently written. The beauty of the style of writing and that of words amazing, read in 14 hours behind my bedroom door....