Starburst Review

Time, Space and the Future. Here is your passport into the fascinating world of science fiction...eleven dazzling, jet-propelled, rocket-paced tales of tomorrow by one of today's leading writers.


Disappearing Act
Adam and No Eve
Star Light, Star Bright
The Roller Coaster
Oddy and Id
The Starcomber
Travel Diary
Fondly Fahrenheit
Hobson's Choice
The Die-Hard
Of Time and Third Avenue

Edition Language:English

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    Starburst Reviews

  • Bill Kerwin

    Alfred Bester emerged during science fiction’s Golden Age and indelibly marked the ‘50’s with two groundbreaking novels (telepath detective story The Demolished Man, swashbuckling revenge tale T...

  • Chuck

    Alfred Bester is a new author for me; he was a "big gun" writer in the fifties, having won several "SF Novel of the Year" awards. Such is the fleetingness of fame; I had never heard of him. I am the p...

  • Charlie

    I was disappointed by how much I did not enjoy most of these short stories, particularly because I found The Stars My Destination and The Demolished Man really remarkable. (Part of why it took me mont...

  • Joe Santoro

    This is a pretty good collection, but kinda badly mislabelled.. only the 1 of the 11 stories take place in space.. most are post-atomic war, or a present setting. I guess someone must have just really...

  • Steven

    "Can you spare price of one cup coffee, honorable sir? I am indigent organism which are hungering." The stories in here are deeper and better than the cover blurbs would have you believe. This quote i...

  • Kurt Reichenbaugh

    Cold War Sci-Fi stories from the 50's firmly grounded in morality. Time travel, nuclear warfare and a touch of whimsy. Favorites are "The Roller Coaster" about a thrill seeking couple from the future ...

  • Jerry Pogan

    I bought a small stack of old mass market sci-fi books for 25 cents each a while back and so far, out of the ones I've read, I'm not sure if I got my moneys worth. This book is a fairly entertaining ...

  • Carl

    I found this book, a collection of short stories, as I started decluttering my house. It was only after I began reading the first story that I realized I remembered its every word. Now, over sixty yea...

  • Chris

    3.5 starsA solid collection from Bester. Some of the stories have a great hook or twist, and I was impressed how much focus Bester put into beating up on sci-fi as escapism in these stories....

  • James

    While it's been many years since I've read this collection, I still remember many of the stories, which is unusual. I recommend it if you like Golden Age oddities....