The Endless Road to Sunshine

The Endless Road to Sunshine Review

My name is Jason Atkinson, and I married a serial killer.

My world shattered on a cold April morning when they took my husband away in cuffs.
The life I knew, the man I loved, and the world I believed in was nothing but a lie. He stole my trust, my happiness, and my faith in humanity, and I’m not sure how to move on.
With my mental health hanging by a thread and a media circus following me everywhere I go, escape seems like the only answer.
Shedding my old life and starting fresh.
A new city. A new job. A new name.
Maybe everyone will leave me alone and let me wallow in peace.
But Skylar Dawson, a student almost twenty years my junior, has a different plan.
Everything about him is endless—his eyes, his smile, even his babbling mouth.
He shines with a blinding inner light I can’t ignore.
He’s a ray of sunshine in my dark world.
Skylar Dawson will not be ignored.
But will his energy and patience run out when he realizes I’m too tormented and broken to love him back?

This is a hurt/comfort, student/teacher, grumpy/sunshine, age gap (25/43) MM romance novel with a moderate amount of angst.

Title:The Endless Road to Sunshine
Edition Language:English

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    The Endless Road to Sunshine Reviews

  • Jan

    The Endless Road to Sunshine had a mix of my favourite tropes, age gap, illicit love, and opposites attract. On the one hand, we have Dr Jason (43), tormented, bitter, grumpy and angry. And I'm always...

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~

    This is an intensely dark, heavy, and depressing book. The relationship takes a backseat to Jason's despair. I don't blame Jason for his overwhelming grief and sadness. I'd feel like that too if my hu...

  • Rosabel

    Ummmm... So I DNF this one at 45.5%, it's enough to give it a rating? I think it is, but I'll try to explain why, sorry for the rant.I was excited when this book came out so I grabbed it quickly, Nick...

  • Susan

    While the premise of this book was incredibly interesting, it was also veeeeeeeeeeeeeery depressing.At 80% Jason still said he was so depressed he was thinking of killing himself and I almost wanted h...

  • Layla

    I skimmed to the endSighRTC...

  • Elsbeth

    I'm sad. I didn't love this as I thought I would have.Jason was the perfect sad. Depressinging so. But I understood where it was from. Skylar was his sunshine. He was a bit shinny for me though. A bit...

  • Papie

    3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨Age-gap ❤️Hurt-comfort ❤️Professor-student ❤️I really liked this book but I sadly didn’t love it. But I loved Skylar and Jason. So much. Jason’s life was despa...

  • Aimee Nicole Walker

    I knew I had to have The Endless Road to Sunshine after reading a sentence or two of the blurb. Not only was the premise unique, it triggered my spidey senses. It gave me tingly flesh and a racing pul...

  • Llakshmi

    Skylar wiped them away, smiling. “Don’t cry. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel, you know. This was like the epic journey to couplehood. We have a great story now. We started rocky. We go...

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsThe idea of Jason finding out he was married to a serial killer intrigued me from the start and my interest was high in reading The Endless Road to Sunshine. As the book ...