Ex-Rated Gigolo

Ex-Rated Gigolo Review

A Cocky Hero Club and Saddles & Racks Crossover Novel

From USA Today Bestselling author Kimberly Knight, comes a Saddles & Racks Series and Cocky Hero Club crossover novel.

It all started with a cat on my roof.
My neighbor's Siamese to be exact.
When Mrs. Higgins begged me to go up on my roof to save Chloe, I did it to appease her because she thought the cat was stuck.
The cat wasn't stuck.
But I was.
The ladder fell, Mrs. Higgins called 9-1-1, and the guy I’d had a crush on since high school arrived with the fire department and saved me.
To my surprise, he asked me out, and our relationship took off.
That was until I got the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Paris for six months and didn't see him again for two years when he was a passenger on the flight I was working.
I was still in love with him, but he told me he was now a part-time gigolo, and there was no way I could ever share him with anyone else. Even if the job was only for money.
So, I let him go.
Like I should have done with that damn cat in the first place.

Title:Ex-Rated Gigolo
Edition Language:English

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