The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project

The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project Review

Everyone talks about "Saudi money," but no one really knows what it is. Journalist Krithika Varagur, a longtime chronicler of religion and politics, tells the story of Saudi influence as it has never been told before, in a book reported across the breadth of the Muslim world, from Nigeria to Indonesia to Kosovo.

The Call connects the dots on Saudi Arabia's campaign to propagate its brand of ultraconservative Islam worldwide after it became oil-rich in the 20th century. Varagur visits diverse outposts of its influence, from a Saudi university in Jakarta to a beleaguered Shi'a movement in Nigeria. She finds that the campaign has had remarkably broad and sometimes uniform effects, from the intolerance of religious minorities to the rise of powerful Saudi-educated clerics. The kingdom has spent billions of dollars on its da'wa, or call to Islam, at many points with the direct support of the United States. But what have been the lasting effects of Saudi influence today? And what really happened to their campaign in the 21st century, after oil revenues slumped and after their activities became increasingly subject to international scrutiny? Drawing upon dozens of interviews, government records, and historical research, The Call lays out what we really talk about when we talk about Saudi money.

Title:The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project
Edition Language:English

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    The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project Reviews

  • Mikey B.

    This book elucidates how Saudi Arabia has spread its version of Islam over the years. It focuses on three countries where it has been successful - Indonesia, Nigeria, and Kosovo.We are first presented...

  • Team Golfwell

    I found my knowledge of global affairs, and in particular religion and politics, was greatly expanded after reading this very intriguing book, “The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project”...

  • Scott Whitmore

    ‘Follow the money’ is not only the most famous phrase in investigative journalism, it is a time-tested approach to uncovering and understanding the facts behind complex issues in business and poli...

  • Anthony Angelozzi

    The Call was an enlightening read on the history of Saudi influence on other countries.While I was aware of the relationship between The US and Saudi Arabia previously, this work highlighted the way i...

  • Tucker

    A deep-dive into recent Saudi economic and political history and the influence of the Salafi sect, a strict Sunni Muslim movement. For people who already know a bit about power struggles that tie to t...