Wicked Saint

Wicked Saint Review

He stole my first kiss… and now he thinks everything else is his.

I said no to the one person no one at this school dares to refuse.

Now I’m targeted by jealous girls, guys that compete to be the first to “break the prude”, and by him. After one kiss, the king of the school hunts me down like I’m a conquest to win. He’ll have to fight harder than that, because I’m no one’s trophy.

They all want a piece of me, but I will not bend or break for them.

No one refuses the king.

One case of mistaken identity and a hasty kiss turned my world upside down.

The new girl refused me. Not only that, she threw down the gauntlet. That won’t stand. No one ever says no to me. This school is mine and she’ll learn her place as a loyal follower or her life is going up in flames.

I’ll make her say yes. She’ll be screaming it before I’m finished breaking her.

Warning: Wicked saint is a dark new adult high school bully romance intended for readers 18+. This book is part of a series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. This mature new adult romance contains dubious situations and intense sexual/violent content that some readers might find triggering or offensive. Please proceed with caution.

Title:Wicked Saint

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  • ????? ?? ilikebooksbest.com ??

    Why can’t book boyfriends make mistakes like regular guys?I went into this book with a few preconceived notions after reading some bad reviews and was actually quite pleasantly surprised that the bu...

  • Jypsy

    Thank you Enticing Journey for a complimentary copy. I voluntarily reviewed this book. All opinions expressed are my own. Wicked SaintBy: Veronica Eden *REVIEW* ☆☆I always try my best to find rede...

  • P

    Ok? So this one is tough. I liked this one for what it was (a “bully” romance) and I understand what that entails. The problem really occurs at about 80%. The story was good. He had come around an...

  • Rachel (LoverofTBR)

    3 ‘Lancelot’ 🌟 Lucas Saint fights dirty. I’m going to have to sink to his level to fight back. Wicked Saint was a typical NA bully romance.An asshole misunderstood hero? ✔A strong fierc...

  • Dora Koutsoukou

    3 🤔😦😔⭐️sA YA bully romance read, well written and paced. Overall, I wasn’t fond of Lucas, whose behaviour was inappropriate and inconsistent with his feelings. One day he was loving and...

  • Alla

    This book was in a way like many of these "bully" romance books that I´ve read and mostly often enjoy. I did really like it even though it didn´t have anything "new" to it from other similiar books,...

  • ?. ? *  * ?*Blanka*?**?.. ??

    This was painful, and I mean it pained me to read this.Out of all the characters in the book, the author couldn't make one person likeable. Like wtf is that?Heroine: Gemma - doormat, doormat, sad door...

  • Sharon Mariampillai

    Actual Rating: 4.5This was an incredible read. I loved the story. This was a bully romance story between Gemma Turner, our heroine and Lucas Saint, our hero. Their story began with bullying, which the...

  • Marrybooksreadathon

    Original ratings: 3.75-4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐I'm gonna be honest I'm really having a hard time getting connection with Gemma & Lucas no matter how dirty talker Lucas is, it's just off!I felt like the ch...

  • Renee

    Disgusting Wow I couldn’t even finish this book. Shame on this author. You take a girl who was almost raped and then harassed enough to make her move to multiple schools BUT make her totally okay wi...