Dead Meat: Day 3

Dead Meat: Day 3 Review

The dead have awakened.
Driven by insatiable hunger.
In eternal search of fresh meat.
The infection spreads like the plague.
Nothing stands between the undead and humanity.
Is it too late to save the world from disaster?

Day 3 of the zombie apocalypse

The story picks up from Day 2. We meet William who works at the hospital. His workday starts out like any other—until he finds two zombies locked in a utility room in the basement. From there, things quickly escalate.

By Day 3, the infection is picking up speed, the zombies are spreading rapidly, and very soon everything could spiral out of control. Is it too late to save the world?

Title:Dead Meat: Day 3
Edition Language:English

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    Dead Meat: Day 3 Reviews

  • Sherry Fundin

    “Perhaps it’s only just begun.”“Perhaps I’m one of the first to meet the undead?”William is right. The zombie apocalypse is in the early stages. You won’t find it on social media. I love...

  • Latasha

    After meeting all these characters, they finally come together again and the intensity ramps up. They are still trying so desperately to stop the zombie virus from spreading. In this one we find out ...

  • Pat Eroh

    There I was, anxiously awaiting day 3 after reading day 2 and here it is. So here I am now, anxiously awaiting Day 4. This is a great story with lots of terror and action. I could not put it down and ...

  • Erica Metcalf

    Dead Meat: Day 3 by Nick Clausen is another addition to this awesome zombie series. This one was even more intense than the other two and much more gruesome!I could not put this one down.Full Disclosu...

  • Daniell Marsh

    Another great read by Nick Clausen. Like i said in previous reviews I don’t normally read books like these as they stick with me. You can read them by themselves but it builds so much more if you re...

  • Seraphia

    Dead Meat: Day 3 is the third installment in Nick Clausen’s riveting zombie horror series/serial. The world is ending, and this series gives it to us in slow motion as each piece of destruction fall...

  • JenniferJ

    I'm still hanging on to this thrilling series as now even more zombies are coming into play. Things are starting to get real now real fast! I love how the author has thrown together the lives of the c...

  • LaToya

    Nooooooooooo I bet Day four isn't even out yet! What did I start reading before checking how many books were in the series?!?! Now I'll have to wait...I think I'm gonna cry....dang this man and his br...

  • Nicole Brown

    Aggggggg Zombies!!!!!!! OMG I love this Zombie series so much. These books just keep getting better and better. Amazing and strong writing. Awesome...

  • Katharina

    Dead Meat Day 3 describes the third day of the zombie apocalypse and its getting worse. The virus spreads like fire and infects people from all over the town. During this chaos more main characters ge...