Wrath of One

Wrath of One Review

Hell has come. And her name is Izara Castillo.

Portals are open, hell spawns are destroying the academy from the inside out, and even the ancient Vampiric Citadel is no match for this kind of power.

Lucian Morningstar wanted a war? Well he just got one. He may have trained and strengthened Izzy’s Prod into a true apocalyptic monster but he forgot about one small detail.

Her men would give their life to protect her.

Even from herself.

This is the final book in the reverse harem series Origins of the Six. Recommended for readers 18 and over.

Reading Order
Academy of Six
Control of Five
Destruction of Two
Wrath of One

Title:Wrath of One

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  • ? Crystal ? -  PEACE ? LOVE ? BOOKS

    According to reviews I’m in the minority because I did not love this series overall. In fact each book only seemed to get better near the very end, while dragging for the first 75%. The end of this ...

  • Connie

    Source: Kindle Unlimited Title: Wrath of One Series: Origins of the Six #4Thank god this series is over. As if the last book didn't drain my spirit enough, we had this tiny 100 odd page book that ...

  • Lauren

    Nonstop action, perfect ending to the seriesFirst of all, I absolutely loved this book. Most books that I have read has the final epic scene occurring over the last few chapters and more often than no...

  • Mummy's Naughty Corner

    Well this author does nothing for me really. this is her third series that I have read and I feel they all have the same points which I don't enjoy. This book was predictable and fell flat. The epilog...

  • Michelle Kennedy

    Great ending to an amazing seriesReally enjoyed this entire story. I was worried about Izara there for a bit. In the end, I love the way everything was resolved. Would definitely be fun to revisit thi...

  • Talia

    Great finale I really did love getting to see how this series played out. I love all these characters so so much. With that in mind, I did feel like it was a little rushed. It was still an amazing end...

  • Kendall Walker

    Love it!!I am so sad that this is the last book in this series! I have to say I would love a follow up to see what their lives look like a few years more down the road. Dare I say “babies?” LOL I ...

  • Jasmine Hoisington

    Good but felt rushed a bitThis was a good book and good ending to a series but it still felt a bit all over the place. Maybe I felt like it was a bit rushed. All and all though good book....

  • Cassidy Wallace

    So I'm glad that I'm done with this series only so I now know what all happens because I did kinda like the plot. The major thing I liked about this book was how action packed this book was, it totall...

  • Monica

    Although this wasnt as bad as book 3...not by much. I think I am really having trouble with the school dynamic. The teachers never cared. The school is a hell hole and for a place that says they want ...