Survival: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

Survival: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel Review

In the year 2043, with the nation destroyed by war, seventeen-year-old Kress and her Conspiracy of friends embark on a dangerous cross-country mission to locate and recruit other Emergents, the name given to teenagers who have begun to exhibit strange evolutionary abilities. Not all Emergents are ready to accept who and what they are, however, and some have even started using their abilities for selfish or evil ends.

Now Kress has to figure out who is friend and who is foe as she risks everything to expose the government’s lies and take down the tyrannical President Krug once and for all.

Picking up where the Resistance Trilogy leaves off, the Emergents Trilogy follows Kress and her Conspiracy on a daring quest to restore democracy and truth to the country.

Title:Survival: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

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    Survival: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel Reviews

  • Tammie

    Oh my myInteresting and intriguing. The journey continues for them. UPS and downs battle t endlessly. Wow I enjoy the characters and how this story is unfolding....

  • Elizabeth

    I could have read this book a lot faster than I did, but work got in the way🙄😂. However, this book was just like the other ones, action filled, intense, and questioning whats going to happen nex...

  • Mandy Stump

    "I recieved an Advanced Review Copy of this book." I believe I would have liked this book more if I read a the books that came before it. But I do love that it is dystopian with a little romance. But ...

  • Amanda Lee

    In done!I enjoyed the concept of this series and I didn't expect any type of closure in this on going saga but this cliff hanger was the last straw. Way too much emphasis on dystopian quotes. It's not...

  • Teresa

    Yaye for this bookI love a good dystopian story. This book follows on from The Resistance Trilogy. Kress and her Conspiracy travel across the country to search for other Emergents.This book was a tad ...

  • Griceli Maldonado Santiago

    Love itI loved this series but I see had an idea who was going to betray them... Hooked and very sad I have to wait for the rest of the books...