Pope Francis: Rebuking the Devil

Pope Francis: Rebuking the Devil Review

Learn how to rebuke the devil and avoid his snares with this new book from Pope Francis's teachings. In this powerful collection, the pope lays bare the devil's ploys and tactics, to help you avoid getting ensnared. Listen with care, as the pope tells the story of the devil's history, character, and works, and consider the pope's suggestions about what you can do to see victory over the devil. Rebuking the Devil will be an important and sobering awakening to those who have forgotten the reality of the spiritual battle that humanity is undergoing. And to those already fighting hard in spiritual battle, they will find great reassurance in the pope's certainty that we can overcome through Spirit-filled discernment and the power of God in Christ Jesus. Through the course of this book, you'll learn from Pope Francis about the practical tools of spiritual battle.

Title:Pope Francis: Rebuking the Devil

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    Pope Francis: Rebuking the Devil Reviews

  • Alan V

    A great read. The pope shows the many ways the great tempter tries to get into our lives , quite a few of them did not even realize. It helps to keep you on guard. Shows ways to stay in the righteous ...