Flag Officer-Jamaica! (Courtenay)

Flag Officer-Jamaica! (Courtenay) Review

Their supplies from the African Continent having been restricted by increased Royal Navy patrols, slavers on the other side of the Atlantic have turned elsewhere for the source of their income. Inhabitants of Central and South Americas are now falling prey to their evil ways, but also, owners of Plantations in the West Indies are finding their own slaves being stolen. In London, Admiral Maltavers concludes the present Flag officer in Jamaica is not fulfilling his responsibilities and resolves to replace him. Whilst he selects a suitable replacement, he asks Giles Courtenay to temporarily become the Flag Officer at Port Royal and to get to the bottom of whoever is organising the theft of slaves from the Islands and from the Americas. Courtenay sets about the task with his customary skill, aided by some of his old friends. In the meantime, Jessica, Lady Courtenay decides to pay him a visit in the Caribbean with possible disastrous consequences ……….

Title:Flag Officer-Jamaica! (Courtenay)

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    Flag Officer-Jamaica! (Courtenay) Reviews

  • Chaplain Stanley Chapin

    As always an interesting storyI very seldom read a sailing ship adventure that I do not like. This one one of the more enjoyable ones....

  • Mr Andrew Newcombe

    A great sea taleUnsophisticated plot a little slow and predictable but still a good read.Looking forward to the next in the series....

  • Mike Sobyra

    Once again, an interesting story. Action continues and minor characters are brought to life. The plots are reasonable and they keep you interest. Once more I was glued to till the end By Withecombe's ...