Retribution:: Review

Pride of Lion Edge. Book two of three.

I am Cannon Redplains. Alpha. Mate. Father. Warrior.
Someone kidnapped my daughter.
Now someone must pay!

They may hide, but I will find them and fulfill my promise.
Retribution is my right and my destiny.

Since the day my parents were taken from this earth. I have lived by the code my father taught me.

--Always honor your promises!
--Never take being an Alpha for granted!
--Respect all life!
--Never leave a man behind!
--Hunt with dignity!
--The Leo is our defense against injustice!
--Our chosen mate is above all others!

My life is more than I can ever have hoped for!

After I have dealt to those responsible I will return to Sand Hollows and take up the mantle of Alpha with my mate. Become the sheriff of our town and live my life for my mate and children.

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Edition Language:English

Enjoy the book review !

    Retribution:: Reviews

  • Carole S.

    Wonderful story!Just like Dragons Gap we have shifters who hand out justice and establish a place where they can live & love in peace! Great read!...

  • Maureen Newport

    Awesome Great story follows on from bk 2 perfectly. I have trouble putting the book down, love the humor and the way all the stories tie up...