Conjunction Review

In 2625, the Earth is ahead of big changes, the biggest superpowers have been just tricked by a genius man called ‘Erin’, which leads to a completely new world order.

The story continues in the year 3800, where a future artificial intelligence technology so-called ‘CIS’ (Central Intelligent System) assists humanity to make the Solar system a better place. After the discovery of intergalactic travel technology, humankind initiates a mission to the four most likely habited planets in order to bring their own civilization to the next maturity level. ‘Keat’ who has a deep interest in the “big questions” of life is part of the first mission which turns their wealthy, human civilization upside down without facing any enemies.

Edition Language:English

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    Conjunction Reviews

  • Margje Elbers

    Our book club received ARC copies of Conjunction.This book isn't a traditional sci-fi. It introduces a completely fresh human race with a new utopistic Earth. In the world of The Wise Society there ar...

  • Doris Raines

    NICE BOOK....