The Liar's Daughter

The Liar's Daughter Review

Piper was raised in a cult.
She just doesn't know it.

Seventeen-year-old Piper knows that Father is a Prophet. Infallible. The chosen one.

She would do anything for Father. That's why she takes care of all her little sisters. That's why she runs end-of-the-world drills. That's why she never asks questions. Because Father knows best.

Until the day he doesn't. Until the day the government raids the compound and separates Piper from her siblings, from Mother, from the Aunts, from all of Father's followers--even from Caspian, the boy she loves.

Now Piper is living Outside. Among Them.

With a woman They claim is her real mother--a woman They say Father stole her from.

But Piper knows better. And Piper is going to escape.

Title:The Liar's Daughter
Edition Language:English

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  • Nenia ? Aspiring Evil Overlord ? Campbell

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestThere's a video on YouTube called "Mind Control Made Easy" which is about the psychology of cult leaders. It's clearly low budget, but very well...

  • JenacideByBibliophile

    Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the publisher, Holiday House Publishing, Inc., via Edelweiss+ for an honest review. “The window is no more than two feet wide and maybe half a foot tall. I ca...

  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps

    5 SPECTACULAR STARSPiper doesn’t realize she’s living in a cult. When she and the other children are rescued, she longs to return to Mother and Father. Told in Before and After sections, Piper’s...

  • Carlene Inspired

    Piper knows her father is the Chosen One. He is a Prophet that is hoping to protect the people from the Government, from the poisonous food, from the radiation of cell phones. Living with the other ch...

  • OutlawPoet

    This is yet another book about a teen girl who suddenly discovers that she's been living in a cult and everything she thought she knew was wrong.I did like the way the author told the story - we have ...

  • Roxanne

    I picked this up on a whim, but it was better then I expected it to be and I thought a very honest and realistic portrayal of what a things would be like for someone in that type of situation....

  • Richelle Robinson

    Reading the blurb of this book piqued my interest since I have always had an interest in cults and how people get brainwashed and sucked into that lifestyle. This book is told in before cult and after...

  • Jordan

    So. Freaking. Good...

  • Susan

    I received an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher. This book was hard to put down. I finished in two days, even though they were days filled with commitments. I have read several non-fiction book...

  • Claire

    4.5 stars, rounding up to 5Piper is the most lifelike character I've read about in quite a while. She has such layered emotions, doubts, and fears. It's hard to read about what she goes through, but t...