The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party Review

'Meaney is utterly credible, utterly authentic, utterly irresistible' Irish Independent

'Roisin Meaney is a skilful storyteller' Sheila O'Flanagan

The new novel from No.1 bestselling author Roisin Meaney.

Another summer is in full swing on the island of Roone, and preparations are underway for a big birthday party at the local hotel. But beneath the air of celebration, many of the islanders have their own struggles to contend with.
Imelda, isolated by her recent heartbreak, has no memory of accepting a month-long Bed & Breakfast booking, but when a stranger turns up on her doorstep looking forward to his stay, she has little choice but to take him in.
Meanwhile, Nell is growing increasingly anxious about her father Denis's erratic behaviour. He brushes off her concern, telling her she's imagining things, but time will tell which of them is right.
On the other side of the world, Tilly packs her bag for a visit to Roone to spend time with her sister Laura and her long-distance boyfriend Andy, wholly unaware of the trauma that awaits her there.
Meanwhile, Laura is struggling to digest a startling confession when she finds her stepmother on her doorstep, young son in tow, having left her husband.
During six weeks of summer, love and friendships are tested - and, as the day of the party approaches, the various truths will out in unexpected ways.

Title:The Birthday Party
Edition Language:English

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    The Birthday Party Reviews

  • Dale Harcombe

    On Roone, an island off the west coast of Ireland, preparations for a 70th birthday party are underway. Pretty much the whole neighbourhood is invited. But there are lots of other things happening in ...

  • Claire Mc Partlin

    This book was a return to the little island of Roone. I've read the other books set in Roone, which I really enjoyed, and while you don't really need to read them before this book it would certainly h...

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    I'm always delighted to read any books by the wonderful author Roisin Meaney and even more so when they are set on the very special and unique island of Roone. Any of the author's books which have fea...

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    It has been far too long since I last read a Roisin Meaney book, especially one set on Roone. And as much as I recall loving these Roone books, the specifics weren't coming to mind and as a result it ...

  • booksofallkinds

    *I voluntarily reviewed this book from the PublisherRoisin Meaney has done it again with a wonderful, captivating story about relationships and families in THE BIRTHDAY PARTY.Roone island is picture p...

  • Leona

    Yet again another wonderful story by Roisin Meaney going back to the people we love from the island of Roone. We are back on this small island with Nell and her family, Laura and her family and others...

  • Caroline

    I have read previous books set on the island of Roone so it was lovely to be transported back to the idyllic haven. This time we follow several characters; Imelda, Gualtiero, Susan, Eve, Laura, each c...

  • Mairead Hearne (

    ‘I wish…’ she began, and came to a halt. She wished so much. She wished he was different. She wished their story was different…She wished they loved one another, and depended on one another...

  • Marjorie

    3.5 StarsWe've been to the idyllic Island of Roone several times now but I found it odd that I really didn't recognise many of the characters. What should have felt like coming home actually felt like...

  • Debra

    Henry is going to be 70. As he owns the major hotel on the Island of Roone he starts to plan a party. Not just any party but “the” party that people will be talking about for a long time. As Henry...