The Wild Storm: Michael Cray (2017-) #6

The Wild Storm: Michael Cray (2017-) #6 Review

The hunt for Arthur Curry continues, but Cray’s decisions and plans are beginning to push his teammates to the brink of abandoning him. And when Cray’s tumor begins to act in ways that it hasn’t before, his underwater brawl may end with Cray floating up to the surface as a dead man.

Title:The Wild Storm: Michael Cray (2017-) #6

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    The Wild Storm: Michael Cray (2017-) #6 Reviews

  • Brandon St Mark

    Really interesting issue. I like the evolution of Michael and his abilities. I didn't expect Hellblazer to be the next DC character to show up, but it seems like it'll be right up my alley....

  • David Dalton

    I had read issues #1 - #5, and then #7 & #8. This just came in from my comic shop and I am now all caught up with The Wild Storm Michael Cray series. I really like it. Hard to pin down why, as this "D...