Pride of the Fleet

Pride of the Fleet Review

The Galaxy's Never Had It Darker

Armed with new tech that could revolutionize space combat, Captain Husher must now try to convince the Interstellar Union to implement it in time to defend against the godlike Progenitors.

When a new alien ally shows up in the galaxy, it’s a mixed blessing. Their military might could prove a boon to the war effort, but what secrets lurk in their past, and how might they shape galactic society for centuries to come?

It's a lot for one supercarrier captain to contend with, especially when tensions are escalating aboard the IGS Vesta herself.

Husher can only stand on his well-worn principles:

Do right by his crew.

Do right by the galaxy, even when the galaxy fights him every step of the way.

If death comes anyway, make it an honorable one, and make it count.

Title:Pride of the Fleet
Edition Language:English

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  • Richard Gottlieb

    I quite reading this book only 3 chapters in.1)Same old, nothing new. If you read Bartlett's last book you can predict what happens in this one.2)He is forcing his politics on to the reader. Talk of "...

  • Susan

    Pride of the Fleet is the second book in the Ixan Legacy series. If you are looking for a well written SciFi Military series, this is a good one to read. You can read this as a standalone book but it ...

  • Jason

    The concept of Pride is an interesting one, it can be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but you can also take Pride in your work, meaning that you try to work harder to be the best person you can be, and ...

  • R

    “Pride of the Fleet” is Bartlett’s second entry in his “Ixan Legacy” series. Bartlett has proven to be a master of military SF. “Pride” does not disappoint!It is a dark time for the Inte...

  • Sheila Beitler

    The author graciously sent me an ARC...Captain Vin Husher of the Starship VESTA is back in action with book 2 of the Ixan Legacy. Pride of the Fleet throws the reader right back into the fray. With hi...

  • odedo1

    Only a poet could write my feelings about those awesome series’s that Scott Boyett have written, I don’t believe that I’ll ever find such a great imagination ever again!The truth is that only on...

  • Leah

    Audio, narrated by Mark BoyettAs a sequel, this book jumps right into the action where book one (Capital Fleet) left off. There's more focus on Jake, someone I vaguely being mentioned by the BBEG in a...

  • Blair Gormley

    Ixan Legacy Book 2 Pride of the FleetAs Gusher continues to fight the Progenitor fleet and Teth. He must face the IU fall into tyranny. Gusher working with Ochrim has been able to develop inter-dimens...

  • D. E.

    An SB. SYFY. Novel (ILB. - 2)/Help From Another Source/Can We Trust ThemSB. has penned the second novel of the Ian. Legacy., Which shows more than one source in the Milky Way Constellation is ready to...

  • Sam

    A giant leap forward in the series with a fantastic cliffhanger to set up Book 3. As much as I liked the protest timelines in Book 1, their relative absence in this book made for a tauter, more dramat...