Small Wonders - Life Portrait in Miniature

Small Wonders - Life Portrait in Miniature Review

You can row a boat made of chili. You can enjoy an easy morning stroll among asparagus trees. You will be excited alongside the racetrack, which is actually the surface of a vinyl record.
In this miniature world life looks ordinary - yet from a different perspective.
Japanese photographer Tatsuya Tanaka started posting miniature pictures every day in in 2011, calling it -Miniature Calendar-. Since then more than 2,000 images have been posted on his website, and he now has 600,000+ followers on Instagram and gets 115,000+ likes on Facebook.
In this book you can find more than 100 works created by utilizing everyday objects, tiny figures, and an immense amount of imagination. You will be amazed by the ideas found in the ordinary things around you that bring back the curiosity you used to have in childhood.

Title:Small Wonders - Life Portrait in Miniature

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    Small Wonders - Life Portrait in Miniature Reviews

  • Sheri S.

    I love the creativity of this author/photographer. He takes everyday items and pairs them with miniature people to make fun and entertaining scenes. I think my favorite is "USB - Ultra Small Bakery." ...

  • Kathy

    This is a fabulous book of miniature pieces of life, as the title suggests. It's insanity to me that someone actually painstakingly constructed all these scenes. It was a most fun book to look through...

  • Bonnie Arriola

    Such imagination and talent!...

  • LaLa

    This is very fun to look at with kids. A nice sense of wonder....

  • Miss Ryoko

    Tanaka-sensei's work is absolutely brilliant!! So creative, imaginative, and amazing!! Each scene is a joy to look at...

  • drowningmermaid

    Such a cute picture book......