The Mysterious Warning

The Mysterious Warning Review

The good old Count Renaud is dead, and his will makes the degenerate Rhodophil his heir, disinheriting his other son Ferdinand, who has married against his father's wishes. Rhodophil promises to share his new riches with his younger brother and his wife Claudina, but Ferdinand hears a mysterious voice from beyond the grave, warning him to flee his brother and his wife to save himself from sin and death!

Ferdinand obeys the supernatural warning and sets out to find fortune and adventure. In the course of his quest he will encounter a recluse in a ruined castle with a horrible secret, find himself captured and imprisoned by the Turkish army, and encounter one of Gothic literature's most depraved female characters, the monstrous Fatima. And if he survives all these dangers, Ferdinand must return to Renaud Castle to solve the mystery of the ghostly voice and uncover the terrible truth about his wife and his brother!

This edition includes the unabridged text of the four volume 1796 edition, with a new introduction and notes by Karen Morton, and reproductions of illustrations from the 1796 and 1824 editions.

Title:The Mysterious Warning
Edition Language:English

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    The Mysterious Warning Reviews

  • Sotiris Karaiskos

    Δεύτερο βιβλίο της Eliza Parsons που διαβάζω στα πλαίσια της περιήγησης μου στα Horrid Novels του Northanger Abbey και αυτό που μπ...

  • Robert burke

    One of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey "Horrid mysteries". This was actually a enjoyable read. Two brothers, one disowned, a beautiful woman, and a mysterious voice giving warning to Ferdinand to flee ...

  • Dawn

    Interminable is about the only word for this book. It is a never ending story about terrible things happening to innocent lovers, but don't worry, it all turns out for the best. For everyone, even the...

  • Becci

    This was a very good story, with a protagonist that was consistent and up-standing. It was a very long story, at times meandering, and everything fit together in the end just like a good gothic novel ...

  • Angela Blood

    Interesting start but it gets confusing because of all the similar characters and histories... It's way too long and drawn out and everything just comes together in the end so much more quickly than t...