The Reluctant Copilot

The Reluctant Copilot Review

Bob Foster is the pilot of a 10-man B-17 crew--until suddenly he isn’t anymore! In a public relations maneuver, Lt. Harmon Roberts III, son of a US Senator, takes over Foster’s crew and Foster becomes his reluctant copilot. Roberts is just what the public affairs office needs: a handsome, articulate and well-connected pilot they can publicize to counter the heavy losses being suffered by the 8th Air Force. Now Foster’s job is to help make a hero out of the man who’s just stolen his command! Before Roberts and Foster depart for their first mission together over enemy territory, the group adjutant issues one final order: "As big a PR weapon as Roberts can be for us, he can also be for the Germans. Make sure he doesn’t fall into their hands.”
The flak and fighter-filled skies over Nazi-occupied Europe form the backdrop as two men battle for the respect of their crew and for survival against their common enemy!

“…incisive…nerve-wracking… the research fueled by Durham’s passion shines through in the terrifying battle scenes that he brings alive for readers... An admirable addition to World War II fiction that highlights the contributions of heavy-bombing crews.”
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Title:The Reluctant Copilot
Edition Language:English

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    The Reluctant Copilot Reviews

  • Jane Gnazzo

    Co pilotAdequate but not riveting. interesting story but has a number of incidents that are difficult to believe. I enjoyed it. ...

  • Kent Nelson

    This book gave me a look at what my brother might have experienced before his loss in a bombing mission over Munich Germany, July 31, 1944. The story was historically accurate, well written, edited an...

  • Jeremy

    The reluctant copilotTook forever to finish a chapter or to move at times. It was an interesting book but I would not really suggest it. ...

  • Kelly Durham