Awakening: Diablerie: Mexico

Awakening: Diablerie: Mexico Review

An adventure module for Vampire: The Masquerade RPG.

The players seek out a sleeping ancient vampire in Mexico to steal his blood, but find themselves on a hard road. Compared to the D&D Tomb Of Horrors module as a classic of its kind.

Diablerie: Awakening: Mexico is a full Story for Vampire, requiring you to pit your mind and body against one of the most powerful Cainites in the New World. It includes:

* expanded rules on Diablerie, the most-hated practice of the undead:
* details on including older, more powerful Vampires in a Chronicle:
* information on how the mightiest Kindred protect themselves during their long torpors, including the spirits and traps which guard their slumbers."

Title:Awakening: Diablerie: Mexico
Edition Language:English

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