Ship of Force

Ship of Force Review

The summer of 1917.

Britain is losing the war against the deadly German U-boats.

After a close fought action, Commander David Smith uncovers what he believes is a deadly plot against Britain from a dying German sailor. Code-named SchwerttrZiger - or Swordbearer - it could turn the tide of the war in Germany's favour.

But nobody will listen to him.

He is under suspicion, and ignored.

With just one one ancient destroyer, a turtle-back 'thirty-knotter' known as 'Bloody Mary', under his command, he must wage this battle on his own.

Smith has to take on shore batteries and bigger, faster enemy destroyers. He has to fight the hostility of his commanding officer and is plunged into a world of espionage behind enemy lines. Through it all the mystery behind `Schwerttriiger' lures him on - until he stakes his career and his life in a desperate attempt to solve it.

'Ship of Force' is an edge-of-the-seat WWI naval adventure that combines thrilling story-telling with meticulous research.

'I think a 21 gun salute is required... Alan Evans has produced a cracking thriller' The Daily Mirror

'Evans provides a different sea story, sustained suspense and vivid battle scenes' - Publishers Weekly

Alan Evans was a thriller writer known for vividly recreating the atmosphere of the First World War. His other titles include ‘Ship of Force’, ‘Sword at Sunrise’ and ‘Orphans of the Storm’.

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Title:Ship of Force
Edition Language:English

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  • Nooilforpacifists

    Alan Evans isn't quite Douglas Reeman, but, based on this first book, he may be the closest imitator. It's WWI, the Brit battleship Royal Navy, and there a similar "damn the torpedoes and the stupid '...

  • Tony Hisgett

    Unfortunately the start of this book really annoyed me. Having just finished the previous book, Thunder at Dawn which ended with lots of unanswered details. I was expecting this book to at least fill ...

  • Nigel

    This is a pretty good WWI naval novel which entertains the reader and keeps the pace up for the majority of the book. It is a little slow to get started, but once it does there is no holding it back....

  • m.lonergan

    8yc86cyc8uvvouvo Yiciycy iviyou ouv9uovICYHCIHVOUVOUVLY Hou y iy iyv86v86v8uv86b9b97b9b97b97b9uuv85c75cýg6vuuv9b7ububuuij8buv7vub uv8u i 7tc7x6r yv7t r6 i 7t iy 7y 7y6tiy 7y uv8uvI...

  • Katherine Chapman

    Action packedI've quickly become a fan o Alan Evans. Each adventure is well plotted and the action never seems to slow down,let alone stop....

  • Prp

    When John Le Carré wrote "The Tailor of Panama" he state that he had taken the idea from Graham Greene's "Our man in Havannah".Alan Evans takes the plot of "The Riddle of the Sands" (published in 190...

  • Ian

    It's the summer of 1917 and Britain's supply routes are under threat from German U-boats. Commander David Smith is appointed to head an anti-submarine flotilla but quickly finds that this consists of ...

  • Ernest Godfrey

    Super boys own stuffThoroughly enjoyed this book full of detail and so authentic that as a landlubber I didn't understand some of the technical terms but that didn't spoil the yarn in any way. Bit of ...

  • Randy Grossman

    WWI Sea BattlesI thought the story was good...enjoyed the first World War setting. And I Am ex-Navy so that too interested me. I thought the author should have provided a glossary. It would probably h...

  • Jim Mullin

    Good read, old fashion Naval adventure during WW 1 reminiscent of Douglas Reamen novels and maybe a Hornblower adventure ...