Human No Longer

Human No Longer Review

Jenny and Jeff Sanders become victims of a bizarre crime; leaving Jeff dead and Jenny in a temporary coma. She returns to her children. With Jeff’s death she must move back to her childhood home, a haunted farmhouse, in Summer Haven, Florida, where once they destroyed a family of vampires.

Jenny has no appetite. She’s edgy. Her eyes hurt. She thinks it could be trauma or grief. Until one night she can’t resist the night woods or the overpowering urge to drink warm animals’ blood–and accepts the truth. Her attackers were vampires.

Now she’s becoming what she once reviled. She can’t abandon her children but must find a way to live in the human world. At night she hunts, hides what she’s becoming and attempts to fit in.

Then townspeople begin dying. Like years before. With her blackouts, she fears she may be the killer, or is it her vampire attackers? They find her and demand she joins them–or her family will die. She resists until they kidnap her children. Then she has to find a way to outwit and ultimately destroy them.

Title:Human No Longer
Edition Language:English

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  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore

    With what has happened to Jenny, she now has a secret she must keep from everybody, especially those she cares about the most. She is a vampire which does not mean she has to be a monster. All she wan...

  • Laura Thomas

    On the night of Jeff and Jenny’s twelfth anniversary, they are viciously attacked while returning to their car. Two weeks later, Jenny wakes up from a coma. Her husband is dead. Assured her two chil...

  • Deedra

    Audible:I loved this book.It was hard to put downs I didn't!lol Jenny and Jeff are living a good life after their Vampire encounters in their old town.Sadly the good life ends when Jeff is

  • Linda Hays-Gibbs

    Title: "Human No Longer"A Vampire NovelAuthor: Kathryn Meyer GriffithReview Rating: Five StarsGenre: Horror Paranormal FantasyReviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs This vibrant shocking story starts in St. Louis...

  • Sherry Fundin

    A unique and twisted tale of a vampire mother, who has children to protect. Just looking at the cover, Jenny appears locked and loaded. I wouldn't want to take her on, would you?Jenny was a wife, a mo...

  • Grampy

    “Human No Longer” by Kathryn Meyer Griffith was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest review: I did not like this book. No, I did not like it… I LOVED it!...

  • chucklesthescot

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Jenny barely survives the brutal attack that kills her husband and forces her family to return to her childhood home where she onc...

  • Mad Giles (Giles A. Madding)

    Can a mother’s love beat the odds…And withstand the unearthly hunger? The heroine of this character driven novel is forced to find out. The author skillfully takes all of us lucky mortals along fo...

  • Mareena

    While celebrating their twelfth anniversary together, Jenny and Jeff Sanders become victims of a bizarre crime as they are preparing to go home. The horrendous attack leaves Jeff dead and Jenny in a t...

  • Wulfwyn

    I love this vampire book. It is about a woman who is attacked. Her husband is killed and she is turned into a vampire. Years before she, her husband and her brother, fought vampires and killed some. N...