On Generation and Corruption

On Generation and Corruption Review

Further, we are to study growth and 'alteration'. We must inquire what each of them is; and whether 'alteration' is to be identified with coming-to-be, or whether to these different names there correspond two separate processes with distinct natures....

Title:On Generation and Corruption
Edition Language:English

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    On Generation and Corruption Reviews

  • Roy Lotz

    With this relatively minor work of proto-science, my voyage through Aristotles corpus continues.

    Of Generation and Corruption is a very poor name for this work; a better one would b...

  • Mahmoud Sami

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  • Marts  (Thinker)

    Aristotle analyses how things come into being and go out of existence......

  • Brian Schiebout

    On Generation and Corruption written by Aristotle and translated into English by H. H. Joachim is the elemental chemistry book for the ancient world. In many ways I expected a different book based on ...

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  • Mariam Okasha

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  • JP

    Here we see the full consideration of whether things come-to-be and pass-away or are altered from some other state. He refutes the previous assertion by Empodocles that the 4 elements are equal yet no...

  • Tyson Adams

    I'm not going to review this book. It's a few thousand years old, I don't really have anything to add.

    What I found interesting about this book was what it got wrong. Obviously Aristotle is...

  • Paul Haspel

    On the whole, Aristotle did quite well at the task of discussing how matter comes to be, changes its state of being, and ceases to be. While the scientific resources available to a chemist or physicis...

  • Jairo Fraga

    Insuportvel, pelo menos pro meu nvel de maturidade nesse tipo de assunto.

    O primeiro dos 2 livros muito difcil de ler, com uma escrita tambm deplorvel, as coisas melhoram ligeiramente no s...