A Song for Lya: And Other Stories

A Song for Lya: And Other Stories Review

Two telepaths investigate the newly discovered world of Shkea, where every native inhabitant, and an increasing number of human colonists, worships a mysterious and deadly parasite. Winner of the 1975 Hugo Award for Best Novella.

Other short stories in this collection:

With morning comes mistfall
The second kind of loneliness
Dark, dark were the tunnels
The hero
Run to starlight
The exit to San Breta
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Title:A Song for Lya: And Other Stories
Edition Language:English

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    Some Testimonial About This Book:

  • Gerald Heath

    This story took only an hour to read, but I found it haunting; one of those stories you think about for days. While the setting is in a distant future and a newly discovered planet, this story is not ...

  • Meli

    Hermosa, hermosa, hermosa antología. Hermosa y devastadora.Se lleva las 5 estrellas y va a favoritos, incluso cuando fui incapaz de culminar un relato.Adoré como George se vale de la ciencia ficció...

  • Nicis

    4.5 Hablé un poquito de todas las historias... pero en la reseña jajajajaHere: http://miotrarealidadetinta.blogspot....Mis dos más favoritas eso sí fueron Una canción para Lya y Esa otra clase de...

  • Lauren

    I'm in the middle of Volume 1 of a compilation of Martin's short stories entitled "Dreamsongs", but I couldn't wait until I got through the entire thing to write about my thoughts on this particular s...

  • Vderevlean

    Îi dau 4 pentru toate povestirile, deși 2 dintre cele mai bune din volum - cântec pentru lya și comandă prioritară le-am citit deja în Zburătorii nopții. Însă, în original, în acest prim ...

  • Emma

    I bought 'A song for Lya' entirely by accident by clicking the wrong button on my kindle.Begrudgingly I started reading it only because I had paid money for it....it turned out to be far better and mo...

  • Diego Dilo

    3,5 - 4Me gustó bastante, algunos más que otros. Esperaba algo un poco más movido, o con más acción, pero la mayoría eran relatos profundos y con preguntas existenciales. Me gustaron igual. Unos...

  • Milena Rodrguez (Bosque.De.Literatura)

    Martín es uno de los mejores autores que sabe crear reinos y ciudades ya sean en el planeta tierra u otras galaxias. Amo cada antología, los detalles cósmicos son originales, originales y abren la ...

  • Jo

    Los primeros son mejores que los últimos ...

  • Deanna

    This took me a couple days to get into but by the time they went into the depth of human psychology- the fear, yet inevitability, of being alone and our quest to find connection and understanding, I w...